Our company

We are there for those who care for the country soldiers who are always on their toes for ensuring freedom and safety. Our customers are the ones who want to extend their support to an Airman or a military volunteer but have no idea of how to send or what to send.

We act as middlemen between these customers and military volunteers by delivering the offered support from the former to the latter. Our team strong believes that these countrymen overseas should be protected in all possible ways so that they can focus on safeguarding the nation without any hassle.

Our arsenal

Our arsenal just does not have the weapons and other supportive tools but also care packages that our soldiers need in times of tough weather and war. Thus, it is the most comprehensive one!


Our Basic Trainings

We are also army builders! So, we not only support and care for our military but also train them from different angles so that they can be heroic warriors while fighting in air. Our basic training is an 8-week program that involves physical as well as mental trainings.


One’s career in the Air Force formally commences with the basic training in military. Although basic, it is a challenging proficiency to accomplish both mentally and physically. Once achieved, it shall certainly transform you from a modest recruit to an assured Airman having all the primary skills and poise to excel as an Air Force member.

This transition from a normal civilian to an Airman is worth experiencing with us. This is because each of our training programs aims to help you discover the mental as well as physical strengths. They also aim to develop the values and skills required in succeeding in your career and accomplish your goals. With us, you officially and strongly become an unfailing Airman.



Let’s take the first, small step to help our brave men voluntarily!


We know that our airmen do not get help when it is utmost needed.

To eradicate this issue forever, we have gathered different Airman contacts to which you can send something that is useful or caring for them. No, it is not always money!

A small thing such as a healthy snack makes a big difference! The contacts inform us, which we present to you as a list, what our brave men want or need.

You can easily send what you want to the desired contacts or airmen by simply clicking the names and selecting those whom you want to give support.

Whatever you send reaches directly to them. Through our comprehensive search functionality, you can easily know what you can give, what the airmen truly need, and whom you want to give.

In this effort, all troops are military volunteers posted in foreign regions. When you add “Attn: Any Airman” to address on packages or letters, they directly reach into their hands who do not receive much help or any mail first. It is vital to note that all is shared here.

Thus, you send your stuff or support directly to whom you wish!

This is 100% voluntary.


Closed Pod Vs Open Pod Devices – Which One Is Your Choice?

The popularity of the nicotine salt devices is increasing day by day in the present days. Besides, smokers who are finding it difficult to quit smoking can choose nicotine salt devices available in the market.

What is nicotine salt?

Nic salt is generally available in the tobacco leaves naturally. Besides, this type of nicotine is generally mild in nature. In fact, you will not find it harsh on your throat like the freebase nicotine. The best part of nicotine salt juices is you can choose the nicotine strength according to your choice. Nicotine salt e-juices are commonly available in different strengths ranging from 25 mg to 50mg.

These nicotine salt e-juices will give you the same satisfaction which you get from the traditional cigarettes. It is also very safe for your health. This is one reason why most of the smokers generally use nicotine salt e-juice. Pod mods or E-cigs are generally used for vaping nicotine salt.

With the increasing popularity for the nicotine salt e-juices, a lot of stores have started offering pod mods or e-cigarettes online. These pod-mods are very convenient to use. All you have to do is refill your device and use whenever you feel like vaping nicotine salts. Most of the stores which you find in online offer both large and small vaping devices. Hence, you can choose one from them as per your requirement.

Vape Pods and their characteristics

Vape pods have gained a huge popularity in the present days due to their various benefits. Besides, these vape pods are also called as pod mods or e-cig pods. All those people who like e-cigs will definitely love these vape pods. In fact, just like the e-cigs even these vape pods offer a great convenience to their users. Have a look below to know the various characteristics of vape pods.

  • Low Wattage
  • Compact Design
  • Affordable Price
  • High Resistance
  • More options like pre-filled pods or refillable pods

These vape pods are of 2 types and they are

  • Open pod Devices: These open pod devices allow users to refill the salt nic e-juice manually. The main benefit of these open pod devices is you can choose the nic salt e-liquid of any strength as per your requirement for vaping. Check the different nic salt e-liquid flavors available on the market and choose the one which you like most to enjoy vaping. These open pod devices are very user friendly and economical as well. In fact, they are very pocket friendly. Hence, you need not worry about your budget any more now.
  • Closed Pod Devices: Closed pod devices are pre-filled unlike the open pod devices. You have to dispose these pre-filled pods after use which is the major drawback. Hence, they can cost you more. These pods come with different nic salt e-liquid strengths. All you have to do is choose the nic salt e-juice strength according to your preference. These closed pods are very easy to use and maintain.They are very economical as well. The major drawback of the closed pod devices is low pod battery life.

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