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Note: This is a sampling of the email sent to me about AnySoldier.US.
I've taken the liberty to delete last names and some parts of email to protect identity.

Wed 12/24/2003 10:44 AM
Hi, Marty- I sent about 60 lbs of stuff last week and will send more. Thanks for putting up the web site, it's a great thing that you are doing. I printed stacks of contact cards up and hand them out to everyone I talk to!
Best wishes to you and to all the troops:
Hang in there, YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN!!
Walter (Washington, DC)

Tue 12/23/2003 7:54 PM
Thank you so much for the information about Any Soldier. I was very inspired by the pictures and message from your son. I happen to have a brother who is deployed currently and is a B-1 pilot. The difference between my brother and your son is that my brother has a bed to lay in every night, Brian may or may not. However fair or unfair this may be, I must say that his favorite part of flying his missions is talking to the Army on the ground. He finds extreme satisfaction in hearing their voices and the sounds of relief knowing that they are watching their backs and are there when the Army needs them. All they have to do is say the word!!! Whatever branch a soldier chooses, I am just grateful that they are all there.

Today, I packaged four boxes of items on your suggested list along with a Christmas letter to send to the addresses you provided. I hope that they find joy in receiving the packages and hope that you will find joy when your son finally returns home safely.

Thanks again for your efforts, people like you truly make a difference in our world today!

(Note from Marty... My Reply:
It was the Air Force that provided my son a place for his 23rd birthday....on the C-17 that carried him to and dropped him into Iraq on the 26th of March.
Brian said that is a birthday he will never forget.
No doubt, huh?
Bless you for your support, and your brother's!!!)

Tue 12/23/2003 1:58 PM
Seeing as I'm a Canadian and can no longer send food items (as of dec 12th 03) and I'm an avid reader how about a box of books. Magazines added maybe. I'm an X-USMarine, yes, I joined the American military in the early 70s. Long story.
I could make up a box of non food items, but would the person getting it be upset about not getting any eatable goodies.
Although I did not go to Vietnam during my stay I was stationed in Hawaii and as it was an R&R location I did hear the stories from the returning Marines. It's nice to recieve mail.

Mon 12/22/2003 2:55 PM
Dear Marty,
I just sent last week 2 care packages to the "Any Soldier" address on your website and the post office returned it asking for a city and state? Is this address not complete? Please let me know, I really wanted to send these in December :O(
SSG David Brigham
Attn: Any Soldier
1st Plt, C Co, 2-503rd
173rd Airborne Bde
APO AE 09347
Any help with the address you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

(Note from Marty... My Reply:
Sorry, but your postal people are not the brightest bulb on the tree...
Yes, you have the address correct.
Try taking it to a postal clerk with a better than single digit IQ.
Sorry for your trouble. See "Note#2" on the Anysoldier page and you will see you are not alone...
Many thanks for your support!! :)

Sun 12/21/2003 4:34 PM
In 1967 I was in another combat zone. I received a package from the Jewish War Veterans. My name had been added to their list by a guy in my unit. The package contained cans of kosher food, some Sabbath candles, a Hebrew prayer book, and a short note. Since I'm not Jewish I was surprised but pleased. I sought out a couple of guys who were Jewish and we celebrated one of the holidays together. I do speak a bit of Hebrew and joined them in their prayers. The package was a bright spot in a long month. The prayer book and yarmulke are still in my collection of memorabilia. I still owed some un-named vet, probably from WW-II.

When I ran across your web-site the memories came flooding back. My wife and I spend yesterday thinking through what a soldier could use. I could explain what the living conditions were like and what might be helpful. Peg elected to "treat" some unknown lady, while I took the "guy" task. We filled boxes, topping them off with a collection of small toys. I explained to Peg about street kids and war orphans. It was great to share some of the memories and the "debt" is discharged now.

I also dug out my collection of Emergency Medical Service books and put together yet another package for the Medical Officer. As a retired medic I've been through a lot of great schools and I was delighted to pass along the material. I'm contacting some of my buddies to see what other help we can render to that operation.

Thanks for organizing and driving this effort. You're helping on both sides of the pond.
Pete , SSGT (retired)
Houston, TX

Sun 12/21/2003 4:28 PM
Please tell Sgt. Horn that I’m putting three pairs of handcuffs (with keys) in the mail tomorrow to him specifically as per the critical items list. I brought them back with me from Vietnam in 1968 (USMC).
AnySoldier is a great site. “Well Done,” I’d say. Keep up the good work.

Sun 12/21/2003 8:22 AM
Can you please tell me what they need the most, how to package it, how to mail it, what the post office will ask for, and postage?
Thank you,

(Note from Marty... I'll try to get this information up somewhere. :)

Sun 12/21/2003 1:44 AM
Hi Marty,
I came across your site tonight after it was passed along to me. I’m the son of a retired Army Senior NCO – who was also an MP during his year in the service. As an Army brat that grew up around the military, and as a relative of a Bradley commander during Desert Storm, I was pretty touched by your efforts to get needed supplies to the folks serving in Iraq. While I have a host of reasons to dislike the current Administration, I can at least detach myself from those strong sentiments and remember the human side of what’s going on, and that there are a lot of great folks there that are doing their duty and trying to make a positive difference.

To help your effort, I’ve posted a link to on my website (, which gets a fair amount of traffic from around the world. I’m not seeking any publicity, but I felt it important to let somebody else know that there are indeed a great number of people like me that are willing to put their political views aside to help the troops when they need it. I’ve also forwarded along a request for medical textbooks and supplies to a co-worker in the medical patient education industry – he’s a medical librarian, and I’ve asked him to pass along to other industry contacts that might have texts they’d be able to donate.

While I’m not sure how much response my efforts will generate, I felt the desire to try, because I know what it’s like to want to have a family member come home from Iraq.

Best regards – and Merry Christmas,

Fri 12/19/2003 6:14 PM
Dear Marty, Today I received the best Christmas present. It was a reply from any soldier thanking me for the support and all the aid that was sent. It was signed by five soldiers. I can't wait for Monday so I can read the card to the children. They will be so happy. I have the children do other things to reach out to others and make a difference but the any soldier cause was by far the most inspiring. The things came in so quickly and when the boxes were sent the love that we felt in our hearts could not be compared to anything else. Thank you again for all you are doing. I personally plan on sending over some hot meals as soon as the holidays are over.

Fri 12/19/2003 2:06 PM
A friend sent me your website URL a couple of days ago, and I found Captain Robert Heath listed there, looked at the photos of the babies and their moms and had to do something! My website is dedicated to Charity Crafting, and I have thousands of readers who come there to get patterns each day.

I got in touch with Capt. Heath and we have been writing back and forth, and with his approval I have posted a page so we can make things to help the newborns over in Iraq. I am getting a big response already from readers!!

Just wanted you to know that this all came about because of your website! THANKS =)


Fri 12/19/2003 6:52 AM
Dear Marty

I read with interest the site "Any Soldier, Anywhere." While I have a son who is there and a daughter in the Air Force, I find it ludicrous that essentially only the loved ones and parents are being asked AGAIN to support OUR (literally) troops by sending them care packages while Shrub and lapdog Powell do literally nothing but use their success (and deaths and disabilities) to ramp up their re-election bid. Now Powell is going to the Bahamas to recover while our "support the troops gang" has to beg for frequent flier miles.

Unfortunately, supporting them your way is a Catch 22. But I think you do more harm than good. The more you do, the longer they stay. Sorry, the best way to support the troops is to BRING THEM HOME! PERIOD. This WAG the DOG war is a joke, and to support it in any way is to only help Shrub get re-elected and send the message to all future president to create War to get re-elected.

(Note from Marty...Here was my reply:

God bless America!
Hope somebody helps your soldiers.
The AnySoldier effort is getting response from all over the world and it is mostly non-military related folks, though there are many of them also.
Since there is no middlemen in our effort, we don't filter anything, so it is a good one-on-one effort.

Your two soldiers are among the many allowing me the freedom to support them, and for you not to.
It is your choice, this is America.
We will continue to support those thrown into a war we may not like. I was thrown into a war America didn't like 30 years ago. I know the hatred shown toward soldiers then, and I will do my best that no matter what our sons and daughters will know this won't happen to them.

Support the soldiers, go after the politicians...

Hope your soldiers stay safe and return home soon,
-Marty Horn )

Fri 12/19/2003 1:30 AM
Dear Sir: For some time I have been trying to find a way to show my support for our soldiers in Iraq. I have contributed to Operation Uplink and the USO Care package program but wanted to have some way to send something directly to a soldier. For that reason I was so pleased to find out about your site a few days ago and this morning I ordered over $300 worth of items you listed as really needed by the troops, the heater meals and a bunch of stuff from the Rangers site.

Tonight on my way home I started shopping for personal items to put together a package myself that I could send over the weekend. I figured it would be a nice after Christmas surprise for someone. I don't mention this as a way of looking for praise or to brag but because I have been happy all day to feel like I was doing a little something, not much, but something, that might help somebody's son or daughter have a little easier time of it in a very difficult situation.

I was very surprised and a little upset to log on tonight and to see that this is apparently a Howard Dean program. I feel very disappointed and am fighting the feeling that I have been mislead. As much as I want to help our soldiers I am not interested in being having my contribution be seen as supporting Howard Dean, or indeed any politician.

Why couldn't this have been what it seemed to be in the first place? A wonderful resource for people like me who want to show how much they care about our soldiers but don't want that support to be mixed up in politics like everything else seems to be these days.
Thank you for listening.

(Note from Marty...Here was my reply:


I started the AnySoldier thing about 4 months ago as a strictly family thing.
It grew VERY quickly because it is an idea that works.
If you look near the bottom of the AnySoldier page there are a lot of folks and companies that have supported this to include FOX TV, ARD German TV, and a number of radio show folks.
WE DO NOT indorse ANY political statement, we will NEVER make one other than to say we are NOT going that way.
This is about supporting the soldiers. Period.
I had NO idea that Howard Dean sent that notice until I was told by Congressman Ruppersberger's office (who I have a non-political relationship with due to his Operation Hero Miles effort). I won't tell you my political feelings for several reasons, but mostly because I do not wish to taint a good program.

Howard Dean may support our effort, and I appreciate his calling attention to it as I appreciate anybody calling attention to it but he is NOT any different than any other person supporting AnySoldier (but he may be better known than some ;)

You have not been mislead, you just put some pieces together not quite right.
I'm even willing to talk to you if you wish, my number is xxx-xxx-xxxx.
We NEED folks like you and your support to the soldiers is VITAL.
Some folks talk and make a difference, some folks like you DO and make a difference.

Bless you for that!!!

-Marty Horn )

Thu 12/18/2003 10:25 PM
Great website! I printed the whole thing and will take it to work with me tomorrow. I have been wanting to do something for the troops in Iraq, but needed direction. You have solved that problem for me. Our efforts will not get to the troops by the holidays but hopefully will help in some small way.

I support our troops whole-heartedly! Thank you for giving me a way to show that support!! Merry Christmas to you and yours'.

A Marine's mom,

Thu 12/18/2003 5:24 PM
Hi there,
My husband is a radio talk show host in Fairbanks, Alaska. I just had the www.anysoldier website e-mailed to me, and I forwarded it to him. He's going to read it over the air. We have an Elmendorf Air Force Base and Ft. Wainwright Army Base in our town, and I hope it will help garner more support.

I'm so glad you put this webpage together, because since the beginning of the war, we've wanted to do something for the soliders but I found conflicting information and some I found actually said it would be dangerous for our soldiers if we did send anything. I'm trusting your information and I'll be putting some boxes together as soon as possible!

I have 4 children and I hope some men and women over there wouldn't mind some drawings from them! We support our people over there 100%! Thank you SO much for all you are doing.
God bless and Merry Christmas,

Thu 12/18/2003 3:34 PM
Hi, Marty--
I'm sure you're overwhelmed with email, but I just wanted to write you a note. I am a law student in Kansas City, and I'm at the tail end of final exams. This time of the semester always makes me feel a bit rotten...perhaps a bit sorry for myself. I was reading (during a study break!) on Gov. Howard Dean's email update about the "any soldier" operation. What a great thing the "any soldier" idea is! The best thing you can do is to try to cheer someone else up. How lucky we all are that people like your son and his fellow soldiers are there to protect our country, and protect our way of life. I don't feel sorry for myself any more, and after I finish with my last final tomorrow, I'm going shopping for as many soldiers as I can. I'm just a poor student, but I can afford to make some soldiers a little more comfortable, and remind them that we can't wait until they come home.
Best Wishes,

Thu 12/18/2003 2:48 PM
Merry Christmas Marty,
I have printed out the "Any Soldier" web page and will begin an effort to involve people living in the Las Vegas area. The gaming industry includes families and friends serving with our troops and we are a tight group! This is a wonderful project for us and once our fires are lit, we are unbeatable. What a great web site and effort for your son and yourself to share with this country. We are more than grateful to you all and pray for you every day. I am employed at the Stratosphere Tower and Casino and one of my supervisors is in the reserves. My friend (and supervisor) has a daughter recently called to active duty in Kabul, Afghanistan. No one has gone through this war without someone we know or related to being personally involved in the war. Thank you for helping us to help them!  God Bless Our Troops!

Thu 12/18/2003 2:45 PM
Greetings All,
Regardless of any of our political leanings and views on foreign policy, I'm fairly sure that most, if not all of us appreciate the sacrifice made by our troops overseas. While it's easy to voice such an opinion, it's a bit more difficult to actually show that support in a meaningful way.

This morning, a colleague sent me a link that provides an easy, low-cost method to do something directly for the troops. For some background on the program, please visit: on the web. Organized by the father of a soldier currently serving in Iraq, the website lists items needed by his son's unit, that are not readily available through the normal supply chain. The site is not intended to raise funds or collect any of the materials, but rather, provides the APO addresses to allow the items to be shipped direct to the soldiers.

A supplier of one of the items amongst the list of needed material has offered discounted pricing and direct shipping to make the donation process as simple as using a toll-free number and a credit card. For a little more than $50 and a few minutes of your time, 12 self-heating meals that are a vast improvement from the military issue MRE's can be sent directly to the forward infantry unit referenced on the site, or to the APO address of your own choosing. For details on the meals and the shipping program, please visit: on the web.

I've personally purchased 60 of the meals to be shipped, making the donation in the name of the South East Automotive Media Organization, to show our group's collective support for the troops overseas. While I'm not laying this down as a challenge, I'd encourage each of you to work with your respective organizations to make some sort of gesture in support of our troops during the holidays. Whether you work with the organization and supplier referenced herein, or through some other means, please make an effort. I'm not endorsing or affiliated with those mentioned, I just found it to be a very simple way to make a positive gesture.

Happy Holidays To You & Yours!

-----Original Message-----
From: Gov. Howard Dean, M.D. []
Sent: Thursday, December 18, 2003 12:53 PM
To: James
Subject: How You Can Support Our Troops

Happy Holidays
Dean at the LA Holiday Party earlier this week - photo by John Pettitt / Dean For

Dear James,

Our troops are in harm's way this holiday season. Hundreds of thousands of American soldiers won't be home for the holidays -- but we can still let them know how proud we are of the finest military in the world. There are two ways you can show American troops how grateful their fellow citizens are for their sacrifice.

Many Americans want to send care packages to the troops, but have no idea how to do it. By visiting this site you can get information about sending a care package to one of our troops in the field:

The site provides information about what our troops need us to send and where we can send it. Many of our men and women in uniform endure the harshest conditions -- even the most basic food items or personal hygiene products can make a huge difference. They also need help with supplies like gloves and flashlights to help them complete their missions. Click here to send a soldier the supplies she or he needs on the ground:

Some soldiers will almost make it home for the holidays. Each day more than 470 soldiers arrive home on short notice for two-week R&R stints -- but the military only takes them part of the way. Servicemen and -women are flown to Germany or one of three airports in the United States -- from there they are on their own to get home.

You can donate your airline frequent flyer miles to Operation Hero Miles to bring them all the way home. Twelve major airlines will accept donations as part of this program, started by Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger, Democrat of Maryland:

Because the last-minute notice the troops receive, they are forced to pay very expensive fares to finish their journey. Your miles can bring an American soldier home to his or her family for the holidays:

Many of you, like me, did not support a unilateral war in Iraq. But the brave women and men of the U.S. military deserve our support and gratitude even as we seek to change the policies that put them in danger. Please join me in supporting our troops this holiday season -- and in wishing them a safe return home.

Yours sincerely,

Governor Howard Dean, M.D.

Tue 12/16/2003 9:04 PM
Dear Marty,

I know that you likely get a lot of email every day so please don't feel the need to respond. Just knowing that I can help makes a difference. I am a law student at the University of Illinois and I got so caught up in finals this year that I didn't buy for my usual child on the Christmas tree at Wal-Mart. Instead, I got the idea to write to some soldiers overseas and send what I could. After much searching online to find a place that wanted more than just money (it's sad but you don't know who to trust nowadays), I found your website and am sending off three packages of food, magazines, and whatever I could afford today. They won't make it in time for Christmas, but I am sure that food is needed whenever!

I commend your effort to get the word out and help those in Iraq. I plan on sending this website out to everyone I know and already passed it on to the entire mailing list at the University of Illinois in hopes to get some more contributors from central Illinois.

You deserve much thanks for your effort to help those who don't get much mail or packages. It must especially be hard over the holiday season to watch others open gifts from loved ones and not get gifts of your own, so I hope that your effort works so well that everyone gets more than enough this year!

Much luck for the New Year. I will keep your family, your son, and the 173rd battilion in my prayers.

Tue 12/16/2003 6:10 PM
I heard about your web site Friday afternoon on WMZQ.
I have wanted to do something but have not been able to get a specific address.
Today two packages went out. Thank you for you effort in this program, thank you for your commitment to our troops and the morale this gives them. I plan to continue to send care packages in the future.
Best wishes

Mon 12/15/2003 7:44 PM

I got the packages off on Friday to the 173rd in Iraq and to the 10th mountain division in Afghanistan...26 boxes weighing about 20 or more lbs apiece. 13 went to Iraq and 13 to Afghan...tried to be fair. All told, about 600 lbs of treasures. I sure hope they enjoy it

You name it is included. music cd's, paperbacks, disposable cameras, AA batteries, food, snacks, homebaked stuff of every description, handiwipes, chapstick, eye drops, premium coffee(they will have to improvise their own filters...One box is to any female soldier...made sure that they got really good stuff....beef jerky heaven for everyone. All baked goods were done the night before and packed fresh and warm.

I went over to a local grammar school and ask them all to write letters...we got stacks from kids (most of the kids in this school have parents in the military right now). I loved the comment from one young fellow..."I have two uncles who I thought were in the military but they are in the Navy."

One little girl wrote that she wanted the soldiers to take care of her dad who is over there...many truly touching letters from innocents.

You might mention to your son that one box addressed to him has no food, just all practical stuff (boot knife, radios, gun cleaning equipment, and even a small Christmas tree ready to go with lights.

Every box was packed until it was ready to burst. Then we took them all down to the shipping dept where one person held them closed while we stapled and taped the boxes until we were sure they would make it...good luck opening them.

Then I backed my truck in and loaded up for the PO run. When I got to the PO, the line of course was huge. But as soon as I started carrying in the boxes, when the pile got huge and people saw they were for the military, Everyone just pushed me up to front of the line with a lot of cheering. That has sure never happened to me before in the post office. The shipping bill was almost $600...Western Saw covered it.

Our local machinist representative from the 173rd, Mark, even brought in his treasured Vietnam hammock to send over...and showed us his scrap book to look through. I was honored to read it and look at all the pictures...he is a tall quiet guy (kind of a Gary Cooper type)...RTO and obviously a machine gunner as well, judging from what he was hefting on patrol in the Central Highlands.

I had no luck rounding up Polypro underwear...maybe next time. Shipping last Friday gives the boxes 2 full weeks to get over there. They should at least get there for the holiday season if not before Christmas.

And then came Sunday morn with "We Got Him"...nothing we sent over is going to make those troopers feel better than knowing that psychopath is being "persuaded" by the USA specialists to cough up what he knows. I hear they have a new approach now...not just "good cop, bad cop" but good cop, bad cop, and "we will strip you naked and drop you on a street corner in Shiite City"...take your choice.

My son, Glendale Ca police SWAT team, says the "persuasion techniques" are very sophisticated now...Torture is unnecessary, everyone talks. But in this case, who knows? Couldn't hurt!

So, its a job well done by your son and others. Keep it up.

thanks again,
Western Saw inc

Sun 12/14/2003 2:32 PM
Hi Marty,

Your site is wonderful and a very good way for the general public to support our troops without personally having someone deployed. I have many soldiers' names to whom I write letters and send care packages, when I can. I am so happy to see some "real" items that the soldiers can put to good use, like the two-way radios, hand and feet warmers, and emergency blankets.
What's even better is that you tell us where to get the items and what they are going to cost.

You have some wonderful guys who are willing to distribute the various contents of the packages, and I can't see your site getting anything but larger and more popular. I'm not sure how I came upon your site, but I'll be sure to tell others about it if asked about supporting the troops.

My very best to you, your wife, and Sgt. Horn et al. Happy holidays.

Sun 12/14/2003 2:32 PM
I heard your broadcast on the John Hancock show. We have collected 7 boxes of goodies. They will not be shipped until Tuesday, Dec. 16th as I have to be out of town at an in-service. I am an LPN at a nursing home and the staff and residents have had fun with this. We have many veteran's including a POW from the Korean War. We have compiled a little story and pictures of ordinary people who appreciate all that these guys are doing. Thank-you so much. There are many of us out there who want to do a little something but did not know how to do it.
God Bless You! Go USA!!!!!!!!!!!

Sun 12/14/2003 2:05 PM
Dear Sir: I reviewed your website today. The day of Saddam Hussein's capture announcement. I just want to say, I have never waivered from the belief that what the American soldiers are there for is the right reason. You should be very very proud of your son Brian. I am as an American.
I have printed out the cards with the website and intend on dispersing them everywhere I can. I realize that a gift pack may arrive late for Christmas but I think that it will be Christmas for a soldier any day they receive one of these. I am so glad I found this website. It came to me on Kim Komando's daily newsletter that I have been receiving. I am sending it to everyone on my address book.
When you speak with your son, please tell him the vast majority of Americans have faith in, believe in and pray for all the soldiers over there. Unfortunately, the media (being liberal and left) get all the attention because they can afford to and people such as myself who are 110% behind the President and the military personnel don't have access to TV and radio. But...........we do have access to the internet and all of our contacts. They cannot affect that! And word of mouth.
May God bless and keep your son safe. Keep up the good fight!!! Cindy

Sun 12/14/2003 11:46 AM
Hi Marty,
I am a Desert Storm Veteran (Military Police, 7 years active duty.)
I can only imagine what they are going through over there.

I would like to try and organize something and get some packages over.
I might be able to set something up thru work here at COMCAST.

Sun 12/14/2003 4:24 AM
Dear Marty,
Thank you for the opportunity to send mail/packages to our soldiers. I have felt like a spectator since this war started, as I haven't had any soldiers to correspond to, and your website/info has given me opportunity to participate in some way. I guess I have some guilt as I sit in my home, in my own country, knowing I will have meals and snacks throughout the day, and a 7 or 8 hour sleep tonight, clean clothes and a bath. How blessed we are.
My mother, my daughter (19yrs) and I have each "adopted" 6 soldiers to pray for daily (, and we pray for our military personnel and our country each day. Because of your website, we can now do more for our troops.
Thank you again for this great opportunity to show support and gratitude to our troops. God bless each one, and God bless America.
Judy, from behind the Redwood Curtain, Eureka, Calif

Sat 12/13/2003 5:55 PM
Mr Horn,
Great website! I will get a box together this week myself for Brian's unit. I travel a lot around the country (I am active duty Air Force) and I see many of the troops either returning for leave, or heading back after leave in the airports. I always wish them well, and thank them for their good work. Fortunately, I get to hear many of their "success stories" not told on the news.

Please pass on to your Brian that all the troops here stateside are constantly thinking about the soldiers there, and we appreciate the work they are doing to keep things safer here in the US. Your work that you are doing in getting the facts out is a great contribution to the effort, thanks!

Fri 12/12/2003 8:05 PM
I got the packages off in the mail today, and I have to tell you it really made me feel good. Although it has been over thirty years since I was there, I kept flashing back to my Christmas in Vietnam and believe me the feelings were intense. Well, pal keep up the good work, and give my best to Brian and his troop. Oh by the way the 173 was at Longbinh providing base security when I was there. I know that you must be a busy man, but I would appreciate any up dates as they happen.

Fri 12/12/2003 4:25 PM
Just wanted to say thank you for providing me with an address to help support the troops. I had a Support the Troops Ceremony in my town back in March and again in August to remind everyone that they're still there and we still care! My brother has been in the Corps for almost 15 years and luckily he isn't there this time! I haven't forgotten those that are. I pray for them every night with my three year old daughter. My patriotic pins differ from day to day but believe I always have one on my chest.
I think what you are doing is amazing and wish there were more just like you. Tell Brian and his friends we stand behind him in Washington Court House, OH and be safe! I've sent my first box out and hope it helps a little to have some comfort from home. My daughter and I actually enjoyed going out to shop for them from Santa. Please keep us updated and the addresses and lists coming! I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas. Please know that me and my family appreciate the sacrifices you and your family are making, especially your son. Thank you!

Thu 12/11/2003 9:37 AM
My name is Whitney, I am 18 from Lilburn, GA. Thank you soooo much for this website, my father was a marine and told me to find out how to send things to troops for the holidays. Every other website I found said you couldn't send anything. After watching FOX news (Greta) last night I went to the HeroMiles website and it linked to yours. I want to do as much as possible for the troops. I am very grateful to them, people like my father.
We are going tonight to buy things you suggested. Hopefully they will get there by Christmas and if not at least they can use them in upcoming months.
I just wanted to let you know that this website was very comforting to know they can recieve things. Let your son know that people support them, especially here in Georgia! I have done a lot of things since the beginning of the war, I got tired of seeing all the anti-war and anti-troops rallies so my whole family (aunts uncles and everyone) put up yard signs saying "Another Family Supporting President Bush and Our Troops" and bumper stickers of the same thing. My dad and I also bought a huge flag. I don't mean to keep rambling but I think it is important for the troops to know that we DO support them! Thank you!!!
Whitney (Lilburn, GA)

Wed 12/10/2003 1:22 PM
Just a quick message,

I had a fellow Vietnam Vet email me this morning, concerning the "" website. While there, I noted the 'blurb' at the bottom concerning your website.

As a Vietnam Vet (Co. B, 1st Bn, 7th Cav, 1st Air Cav Div...the "We Were Soldiers" group), I know how important 'care packages' from home are. That's why I decided to write in my blog today about the 'heromiles' and 'anysoldier' websites. My blog is syndicated and, from the amount of email I receive, is read by a vast number of people, globally, every day. I hope today's end product is seen at 'mail-call.'

My very best to you and your Defender(s) on this Holiday Season,
My personal BLOG:

Wed 12/10/2003 11:12 AM
Dear Marty:
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for what you are doing for our soldiers. I'm the mom of a soldier who is also serving in Iraq. Josh is a medic with the 3rd Armored Cavalry. Before Iraq, he served in Afghanistan as a medic/paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne. Josh, like your Brian, is very fortunate that he has family and friends who have been supporting him with tons of mail and goodie boxes. In addition, my office has "adopted" Josh and his buddies and for more than a year has sent him letters, cards and lots and lots of boxes.

But there are so many who are getting little or nothing and I applaud what you have accomplished with your "Any Soldier" campaign. I had a great time Monday night at the store gathering up various things and packed them up yesterday. This afternoon on my way home, I'm stopping at the Post Office and will be mailing my package to your son's unit (I'm using the last address on your list). I plan on continuing to do this as often as I can.

Go Airborne!!!!

Proud Parent of a Soldier Medic

Wed 12/10/2003 8:38 AM

I just wanted you and Brian to know how proud I was to see such an AWESOME website! My husband retired about 3 years ago from the United States Navy. Being a Navy wife for just over 20 years and watching my husband leave for Lebanon, Desert Shield and Desert Storm (just to name a few), I know how important those care packages can be. I printed your list and will be purchasing items this week, so that I can send a care package or two to our AMERICAN HEROS. It's sad to think that so many will be separated from their families during the Holidays. I hope our troops know just how much they are appreciated for risking their lives for AMERICA'S FREEDOM.


Debra (Bloomfield, IN)

Wed 12/10/2003 6:40 AM
Dear Mr Horn,

I am writing from Australia to ask if there is some way I can also contribute to the Any Soldier Gift Project from 'Down Under'. I found out about it when I logged on to donate my Frequent Flyer Miles for the Hero Miles Project, which I heard about today from Fox News. Despite what you might hear, most Australians are with the USA and the fight against terrorism. Australia was the only other country other than Britain to send troops to Iraq right from Day 1. We might be small, but we're loyal! It seems that only the idiot fringe elements protesting the war get on the TV News. We have experienced terrorism in our own way with the bombing of the Sari Club in Bali last October when almost 100 Australians were killed and many more terribly injured.

My father, who fought in New Guinea in World War 2, always reminds us that we post-war generation of Australians owe a great debt of gratitude to the US and that I would not be alive today but for the terrible sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of 19 year old American boys dying on the beaches of Guadalcanal, Saipan, Tinian, Iwo Jima and Okinawa etc. The war was very real for us in Australia - there was no doubt that Japan intended to invade and occupy us and we were bombed in Darwin, Townsville (where my parents still live) and my mother saw the Mini Subs which invaded Sydney Harbour.

My two sons are 30 and 32, both very successful businessmen and they both know that the reason they are not having to fight in Iraq or Afghanistan is because your boys are and they are grateful as is their mother.

Now, what can I do? I believe that all Armed Services mail goes to an address in the US before being forwarded to Iraq. I guess that means that my parcels from Australia would not get to the boys in time for the holidays. Would it be better if I just ordered some cartons of Hot Meals (breakfast seems to be the most wanted one) from the supplier and paid direct on my credit card and the supplier could then forward the cartons for me? It seems pretty impersonal, doesn't it - but if that's how it has to be then so be it.

I am confined to bed through illness most of the time so I don't have many contacts but those I do have are going to hear from me to ante up with money to send things to the boys (and girls, or course.)

Hope you can advise me. Sorry, I'm a computer dummy despite the fact that my younger son owns a computer business. He despairs of me all the time!

Kindest regards to you and you family for the holidays and my prayers go to your beloved son and his mates in Iraq.

Leonie (Queensland, Australia)

Wed 12/10/2003 4:54 AM
Dear Marty,

I was just reading the web site and am planning to reach out and go to area businesses and see if I can get them to donate food and other items listed. This is definitely a great cause. I was wondering if the packages are only being dispersed to your son's unit? Are there other units now involved in this and if so, how can I get some names to send them packages as well?

These men and woman are all our hero's and deserve as much as we can send them. I am so grateful that I heard tonight on Fox News about the web site as I have been wanting to send a care package for quite some time but didn't know how as I had been told that you had to send to a specific soldier. I sent the web site to all in my address book, so they can do what they can., if only to send it on to someone who can help.

Thank you and thank your son for me for his efforts in defending our freedoms, and assisting those in need. They truly are hero's.


Tue 12/9/2003 10:50 PM
I served in the "1st" Persian gulf conflict "Desert Shield and Desert Storm" with the USMC in a Marine Expeditionary Unit. My battalion and I were the 1st battalion of any fighting force on the ground on Saudi Arabia in August 1990 and served with great pride until march of 1991 when our unit was rotated out. I saw all of the build up and the combat with Task Force Ripper. The reason I am so long in my background is that I want to convey to you that I remember 1st hand the hardships of combat in that arena and man was it hard. If it were not for the care packages that I received from friends and family and from school children and support groups the stay there would have been extremely unbearable. Just knowing that there is a grateful nation behind you is a very motivating thing. What you are doing for our Brave fighting men and women is beyond words. I hope you realize everyday the service you are helping to provide and that it guides you in hard times of your own. Semper Fidelis "always faithful" is the Marine Corps motto and I am glad that there are people such as your organization out there to give our troops a little feeling of that motto in there everyday lives. In this politically charged world of "should have gone in" and "should not have gone in" politicians out there it is awesome to see the grunt work being done by American Patriots such as you and your organization. You exemplify all that it means to be a true Patriot. God Bless you and God Bless this great nation.

Semper Fidelis,

Former Marine

Tue 12/9/2003 10:30 PM

Thank you for finding a way for us to get care packages to soldiers in Iraq. I was forced earlier this year to donate to the USO because of the rules the government has instituted regarding "any soldier" packages.

During Desert Storm, over a decade ago, I sent a care package of toiletries and various related items to a soldier serving in that operation and received a letter back from him thanking me for the box of "supplies." I fondly recall that episode and was deeply disappointed that the government was no longer allowing the people to directly assist our troops.

Barbara and I are sending 10 care packages to the 173rd Airborne using the "any soldier" technique you suggested. The first test package made it into the mail on Monday and is on its way. I was encouraged when my brother volunteered to send a check to me to help with the expenses.

We've got lots of cool stuff in our packages, including hand warmers, eye drops, breakfast bars, stationary and pens, stuffed animals for the children, antibacterial wipes, trail mix, one-time use cameras, and much more.

You are to be commended for everything you've done in setting this up and let me say that your instructions are very thorough and have been a great deal of help to me in putting together the supplies and packages.

Thanks again for everything,

Bill (Vienna, VA)

Tue 12/9/2003 1:39 PM
I finally found a website that I can have an address to send a care package to. I have been wanting to send the poor boys and gals something for a long time during this awful conflict. My work 'Boeing' has on our company website the message calling out to folks here at Boeing to donate the frequent flyer miles so the troops can come home for leave, and I found from that link your link of the packages yesterday. Last night I assembled a goodie box with candies that will remind them of home such as cracker jacks, beer nuts, baseball chewing gum, a Pez with a red/white/blue whistle on the top, a digital "Cat in the Hat" watch fat candy cane sticks, wet wipes, toothpaste/toothbrushes, nail clippers set, pad of paper, self sealing envelopes, pkg of pens, juicy fruits, a small christmas tree, a wooden bead garland, sweet tarts, smarties, coffee candy, and a christmas card from me. I am planning on taking it to the post office this afternoon. I think I exceeded your 6 lb box to about 20 lbs I hope that is okay the box is not very large, the wet wipes made it weigh more. I have asked that however gets it if they could drop me a line that they have gotten it. I hope it makes it there by Christmas, because the little tree would be nice. Thinking about getting another box together. Please drop me an email to let me know if I am on the right track.


Tue 12/9/2003 1:07 PM
Dear Marty:

I came across your website by accident. I've wanted to send things to our soldiers but had no idea where to even start, who to contact or anything. I don't have a lot of names in my email address book, but I will definitely spread the word around about this terrific website.

I hope that not only are all the soldiers aware that they are being prayer for, but they can feel the prayers. We are truly a blessed nation and our soldiers are true heroes for the sacrifices they have made; this includes all military personnel. I thank you also for your pasted service and for what you are doing for our soldiers now. God Bless you.


Tue 12/9/2003 1:22 PM

I'm not sure what to say. I don't even know if I have any questions, or just want to say what a wonderful thing this is that your son (and you) are doing. I printed the list from the web-site and I will start sending whatever I can, and encourage my friends and co-workers to do the same. I was so upset when they did away with the any soldier program, and elated to find your son's website. Please send him a thank you on my behalf.


Tue 12/9/2003 8:09 AM
Hi Marty,
I just checked out your website. It is AWESOME! What you and Brian are doing is inspiring. I will be your voice here at Fort Drum's Environmental Division. We will become package sending fools!
Thanks for all that you are doing!
Take care,

Mon 12/8/2003 4:04 PM
Greetings – thanks for providing us a way to show our appreciation for what your son and so many others are doing for us. You don’t need to respond. We just wanted you to know there are lots of cards and some more long undies and hats, pancakes and sausage on their way to our American heroes. Our best, Joan and Bob (Denver, CO)

Mon 12/8/2003 3:11 PM
Marty Horn,

I was very touched by your web site. Had no idea our troops were lacking so much !

Sent ten Hearty Breakfast Heater Meals to the Chaplin listed on your web site.
The Heater Meals sales person (Colleen) was particularly accommodating.
I was just adamant about sending the "Hearty Breakfast" meals, since breakfast was the meal that seemed in most demand (from your web site).
Colleen said most people were sending the six pack of regular dinner entrees. She said they were concerned about the ten pack, maybe not being sturdy enough to withstand the long shipping process. I ask her to please pack the ten hearty breakfast meals in a sturdier box, or reinforce the packages somehow. She checked and said that they would, in fact, send the ten pack of hearty breakfast meals and reinforce the boxes with extra cardboard. Just hope the meals get to the Chaplin.
Guess I'll never know for sure, if they were received or not.

Also prepared two boxes of miscellaneous items for "Any Female Soldier"; sent one package to SSG Fehl and the other to SSG Brigham.
That was BEFORE the web site said to send the "Any Female Soldier" packages to the Chaplain's address. Oh well !

Am working on sending three more packages in the next couple of days.

Hope the troops know that we, here at home, are so honored to be able to show our for support them in some tangible manner. This gives us an outlet to show our appreciation for the difficult job they continue to do for us!
May God bless them and keep every single soldier safe and out of harms way so they can all come home to their country that loves them !

Chris (Bel Air, Maryland)

Mon 12/8/2003 1:22 PM
Dear Marty,
My name is James Beasley and I am from Charlotte NC. I first learned of what you are doing when I heard you interview on our AM Radio Station here, WBT with John Hancock, on my way home. My brother-in law is currently serving at an airbase bordering Afghanistan, and is the commander for air sea rescue operations, based out of Alaska and was transferred there to do the same for both Iraq and Afghanistan operations. I have had many emails from him, as they are allowed to send and there conditions are much similar to Brian's and his comrades. My wife and I have put together 10 boxes to send hopefully for Christmas Holidays and designated 6 for male and 4 for female. My question is would I be better off to send the female packages to the Chaplain listed within for distribution as I was not sure if they had females in the boonies as with your son? Please advise if you can as I want to get these out Tuesday, 9 December. I appreciate both you and your son's service and thoughts for those guys and gals not as fortunate to get the support from back home. Merry Christmas to you and your family and pass along my family's sincere appreciation to him for his service as well as his fellow soldiers in their effort for all of us back home.

Warmest regards,

(Note from Marty...I changed instructions requesting any packages going to female soldiers be sent to the Chaplain.)

Mon 12/8/2003 9:31 AM
Do you accept monetary contributions as well?

(Note from Marty...Sorry, no. At least not at this time.)

Mon 12/8/2003 9:04 AM

I am currently on active duty (Navy) stationed in Keflavik, Iceland. My mother had sent me a link to your web site. I think that what you and your son are doing is great. I was previously stationed at Bethesda Naval Hospital (MD) and had a good many friends go to the "giant sand box" as we lovingly termed it. I know that especially around this time of year things can be hard for our troops. So in this season of giving and in honor of Navy beating Army this year, we at the hospital in Kef would like to put together a few care packages. Of course all in the good clean fun of rivalry. We know that when it all comes down to it that we are all fighting for the same cause, a safe America.

May God bless you and all our troops fighting,

(Note from Marty...How cool is this?)

Sun 12/7/2003 10:27 AM
Mr. Horn:

Just wanted to let you know that I learned of your site from Operation Hero Miles. I was so impressed, that I convinced our PA people to put it on our institution wide announcements starting Monday, December 8.

I work at the Air Force Institute of Technology at Wright-Patterson AFB OH. Many of our students have already served time in the war, or in Kosovo or many of the other world-wide trouble spots. They are military professionals and will always rise to the cause!

I also have a son, Major Paul, who is currently in Qatar. He has two previous tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan since 9-11. He wears the Airborne tab, the Ranger tab and the Special Forces tab, the combat infantry badge and the pathfinder badge, so you know what he does!

I will do what I can to further your cause. I am only a GS-6 who raised 4 boys by myself and got 3 of them through college so I have spent a little bit of cash!

I just wanted you to know that I will do whatever I can to further this cause. I am also going to contact a columnist I know at the Dayton Daily News, Dale Huffman. This is a military community and I hope that it will help.

Keep up the good work and my your son and all the others come home safe!
Valerie (OH)

Sat 12/6/2003 10:26 PM
Dear Mr Horn,

I received an email telling me of the Any Soldier initiative through the mailing list of David P. Steinmann of JINSA. ( ) Please believe that many Europeans actually support the US liberation of Iraq, and are very grateful for the solders' efforts there.

I wonder whether your son and his friends would appreciate English-language general interest (best-seller type, thrillers etc.) and science-fiction paperbacks? You do mention a list of entertainment items. I would be sending stuff from Europe, and I worry that if I send food, it will contravene US import regulations of some sort.

At any rate, congratulations for a truly terrific idea and effort, and happy holidays,
Anne-Elisabeth (Paris, France)

Sat 12/6/2003 6:09 PM
Good evening,

My name is Robin and I work for a defense contractor here in Maryland.
My boss read about your son and starting Monday, we are enlisting the entire company to work on this. Hopefully, we will have a shipment ready to go on friday.

My husband is on the USS Enterprise, and it is no day at the park for anyone who is serving right now. God bless you son and his unit.

Please keep us posted on how his unit is doing.

Sat 12/6/2003 10:58 AM
Heard about your site yesterday, I believe on WIYY 98 Rock in Baltimore so signed on and very impressed. The wife and I went through the pantry, medicine cabinet and desk for things on the list. We are each sending a box out in the amil Monday (hers to Any Female Soldier) along with a short note requesting information on what the receiving soldier specifically needs. The boxes are not big now but if you could tell you son (we sent them to him on the list of names as we are MD folks, too) to watch for 2 boxes from John and Patti and give them to people who have specific needs/limited resources or family we would be glad to help them out further. We asked them in the letter enclosed what specifically "they" needed/wanted so hopefully we can each "adopt" someone in his unit. Keep up the good work!! Merry Christmas!!

Sat 12/6/2003 9:32 AM
Mr. Horn,
I want to thank you again for all of your help. I have started to get responses from your links. I got to listen to the audio link of my mother on the John Hancock Show. That was great!
I hope everything went well with your interviews on Don and Ron, Fox 5 News, and the German tv.
I was amazed at how fast you got the pictures I took in Hawija on your site. That was the Brigade mission we just did. That was the hospital that was discussed on the news.
I was clicking through the different links you have for me on your site. The one that links of "Urgent Request for medical supplies" works great. The one that links of "click here" in my e-mail message has the wrong pictures with the wrong captions. Not sure if it is a computer glich or the way they are linked. Just wanted to let you know.
I also visited the Stars and Stripes link.
You are a great American. I have not gotten to see Brian again since I met you. He is with the Scouts and C CO up north at Daquq.
3 of my guys got some of your "AnySoldier.US" packages this week.
Thanks again for all that you do.
CPT Heath

Fri 12/5/2003 1:37 PM
thanks for putting together the webpage. my husband and i just placed an order with hot meals!!! they were so nice and very user-friendly. keep up the good work.

Fri 12/5/2003 1:37 PM
Hi Marty~

I got your email addy from Brian's website. I would like to send a package to the most grumpy, cantankerous, grouchy soldier Brian can find. Hopefully he is a supervisor. It would be highly probable that this soldier will be single or divorced because no one can stand him. However, he would probably be the first one to step in the line of fire to protect one of his soldiers. This is the guy I'm looking for. My goal is to send him care package(s) to put him in a better mood so that EVERYONE will have a Merry Christmas!!! Any suggestions to give Brian a heads up?? I thought about putting ATTN: Any Soldier (GRINCH!!) on the attn line. Do you think that might work??

All jest aside...I just want to say that you must be really proud of your boy. What he's trying to do is a monumental task, and at the same time we've got a war to fight (even if its supposedly over, soldiers are dying every day!!). Brian's efforts make me cry and makes me proud to be an American!!

Fri 12/5/2003 1:36 PM
Your website moved me to tears. As a veteran, I want to thank you for your wonderful creation. By sending the web page to my mother, it can reach hundreds of people in the midwest USA. All I can say for now is God Bless the Troops and fellow patriots like yourself.

Fri 12/5/2003 11:54 AM
Hi Marty,

THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!! Your web site was mentioned on the news last night and it couldn't come at a better time. My sincere gratitude goes out to all the service men who have been, are in, and have returned from Iraq. And also to you for the time you spent in the service and taking the initiative to set up the "Any Soldier" web page. I am not sure I agree with the decision of going to war, but I support our military 100% and always will. It breaks my heart to think of all the soldiers away from their families, especially at the holidays. Thank you for this helpful information which makes me feel confident that the packages sent will be received by the service men and women in a timely manner. I had used another web site in the past which was much less personal. My goal is to inform as many people as possible of your web site and encourage them to send not just one package, but several on a continuous basis. There is hope in bringing a smile or one moment of comfort to a soldier.

You must be inundated with messages, so please do not respond. Best wishes to your family and Brian this holiday season. May he return home soon and this war come to an end.

Kaitlyn (Arlington, VA)

Fri 12/5/2003 11:49 AM
Dear Marty:
I saw the feature on you and your efforts last night on the DC news. I think what you are doing is wonderful! My kids and I have sent 4 packages today and plan to send 2 a week. I have also forwarded your website to everyone in my email address book. My cousin in TN is a daycare manager and is having all 100 of her children make holiday cards to send!
I hope these small tokens are somewhat of a ray of sunshine to all our dedicated men and women fighting in Iraq!
Thank you!
Laura (Fredericksburg, VA)

Fri 12/5/2003 10:29 AM
Thank you. It not much but what can you say to someone who is sharing a child. I have already started sharing your 'anysoldier' web site with everyone at work, I hope you don't mind. I will be adding your son to our prayer list at church. I'm so glad FOX 5 had your story on the news last night.

God bless you, your family and, of course, Brian. May he be home soon.
Have wonderful holidays.

Fri 12/5/2003 10:25 AM
I was glad to see this information on the news last night! Thank you for doing this! I'll be sure to send out packages as well! I've also forwarded your web site to my family, coworkers and friends! Happy Holidays to you and your family.


Fri 12/5/2003 10:03 AM
Dear Marty, i.e., Brian's Father,

Last night I saw the newscast of the website you created so anyone could send much needed items to our men and women in Iraq. I just wanted to thank you for starting this process!

I feel so helpless here at home when I can't do anything other than pray for our men and women who are doing their job over there. I am going out today and I am going to "gather" items for a box for a man and one for a woman. What I would really like to do is "bring" everyone back to the states but short of that, I will do some boxes. I intend to do boxes on a regular basis. I remember when my brother was in VietNam. I was a sophomore in high school and so naive really as to the danger he was in over there. My Father was in WW II and he knew. My 19 year old brother did come home, safe.

Students I taught are now old enough to become soldiers. I have a 19 year old daughter who is not in the service but is home here, in the middle of her first year of college. We are all nice and comfy here at home. Thanks for making it possible for our family to share some of the "comfort" we have at home with our men and women in Iraq. I believe we all have an obligation to help those in need, and for once, those inneed are our own men and women.

I'll check the Any Soldier website weekly for any need changes. Thanks again so much. I will keep your family in my prayers.

Fri 12/5/2003 9:16 AM

Fri 12/5/2003 8:45 AM
Brian's webpage inspired me. I went out last night and brought enough "stuff" to fill 8 very large boxes and felt so good about it. I have a son, Jacob, MP 82nd Airborne, US Army in Iraq now. My daughter, Amy, Special Agent (CID) US Army, is presently in special training in NJ and will leave for Iraq on Dec. 12, and my husband, 1st Sgt. Myron, 9th ASOS, US Air Force, Detachment of the 1st Calvary, will leave in February, so I have a big involvement and investment in the troops over there. I just wanted you ALL to know that I am so proud of you and what you are doing for our soldiers and also special thanks to the guys and gals with the 173rd for their support. Keep up the support!!! It is great and makes me even prouder to be an American. Thank you Marty, and pass on the word to all the guys and girls that their country supports them and prays for them every single day.

May God be with you.
Connie (Texas)

Fri 12/5/2003 6:14 AM
I saw something about your site on the channel 5 news last night. I could hardly wait to look it up this morning although I had to get my husband sent off to work first. I will be getting something together to send out next week. I will just send it when I go to send my Christmas package to my own soldier. Some get a clue about me from my e-mail address, I am a very proud AIR FORCE mom! My `baby' boy is in the USAF stationed at Kadena Air Base Okinawa Japan. He has already informed me that if the situation doesn't change he will probably ship out to Iraq in April 2004. I am so glad to know that you started this program to help all of our Soldiers! Thank you not only for that but also for giving up your freedom so that I could keep mine! I am going to send an e-mail to all of my friends & family with a link to your site in it. Hopefully it will help with the overall effort! God Bless Our Troops and You for Thinking About Them!

Thu 12/4/2003 10:59 PM

You look GREAT on TV! What a good job you are doing.

My son joined the Navy in June at age 17. He is onboard the USS Detroit. He has been there about a month. So, my husband and I are new Navy parents.

God is so good. I have been sending him packages but I had no idea what to send or how to package it. Can you believe that just a few days ago, I e-mailed the USS Detroit to see if anyone knew of the best way to send stuff? The only information I was given was that it helps to put the cookies in a ziploc bag with a slice of bread to keep them fresh. I suggested that there needs to be a website on this subject. Those of us who are new to this really need a lot of ideas from experienced people.

I had just come home and wanting to check the weather (it was already snowing here), I turned on the news and your story had just started. I am so proud and thankful for what you are doing.

I have been sending extra homemade cookies (not knowing in what shape they arrive in) to my son. The sailors he shared them with have sent such e-mails of appreciation that I wondered if they ever got things from home. I had been wondering if there was a way to send even something small like a candy cane and a card to each sailor onboard for Christmas and/or New Years. Your idea of sending things to "Any Soldier" is such a great one.

I will pray about ways in which I might be able to help.

Keep in touch,
Bunny (Gaithersburg, MD)

Thu 12/4/2003 10:53 PM
Dear Sir,

Just got on your web site any soldier. I live in Waldorf, Md and own Happy Faces Early Learning Center(daycare)which is also in Waldorf.
We will ask are older children to make Christmas cards for the men.
Friday, I will put out a list of things that the children may donate.
Happy Faces and my family plan on sending food, books, radios with AA batteries,and grooming items.

Tis the season and how could we possible forget our men!

Thanks for your affords.
God bless you and your family.
Mrs. Connie

Thu 12/4/2003 9:59 PM
Dear Marty,
I heard about your efforts on Fox 5 News (Washington, D.C.) tonight and wanted to say thank you. I am excited to have found a really neat way to let the troops know we appreciate them. I teach kindergarten (my first year :)) and can't wait to get the kids involved.
My thoughts and prayers go out to you and yours. Thank you so much!

PS- I don't know how these things work, but I clicked on the "If you don't like the site, report it." button as I was exploring your site. It was NOT because I actually wanted to report you. Thanks for all you're doing! :)

(Note from Marty...Thanks for the support, but that report screen is only a joke...maybe not not such a good one?)

Thu 12/4/2003 9:57 PM
Mr. Horn,

I'm sitting here at my computer doing some work and have the TV on in the background. I just saw the story about you, your son and the site you set up.

I've actually got some friends who work out at Andrews and definitely empathize with all the troops overseas. However, I haven't done anything to support them. But the thoroughness and complete instructions and links listed on your site, leave me absolutely no reason not to. :-)

I'll definitely get something out tomorrow! Again, I think what you did was a great thing!

Thu 12/4/2003 7:03 PM
What is BTW ??? Yes, I always watch Fox (my favorite).......also, CNN MSNBC....& ABC National News.

Maybe you'll get a lil chuckle outta this.........After seeing what those lawyers sent, I was so overwhelmed.....& excited.....I never really went through your whole site, till the other day.....I saw where you were on the radio & tv in NC.....(heard ya on the broadcast too, tell ya it felt strange to hear your voice even tho' I don't know what it sounds like) if I wasn't so darn excited.....I never would have had to ask you for some reassurance if all this was on the level......sorry.

I do have to say this.....your site is soooo user friendly.....very detailed, informative, organized & takes one to soooo many links........I stayed up the other night till 4 a.m. looking at all the pic's posted in the 173rd's site from Iraq.......unbelievable.

Gotta run now.......& will be glued to Fox.......Have a good evening....& "Thank You" for "linking" me to get to know about the 173 rd.
It's been my pleasure "drumming up" some donations....& more will be coming.

Thu 12/4/2003 2:51 PM
Good afternoon.....just wanted you to know, 10 cases of the HeaterMeals will be shipped tomorrow (12/5/03) to the updated addresses on your site.
Besides the food letters/Xmas Cards will be sent also.

Plus more pkgs. will be on their way.....been telling everyone about your website & wonderful efforts.

God Bless You for ALL that you have done for our troops!
Merry Xmas & A Happy New Yr. to you & your family.......
Take care.
(Name withheld by request)

Thu 12/4/2003 1:51 PM
Hi there:

I just rec'd a link to your website from a friend. My plan is to have my whole family devote our time and money to sending our troops something to make them smile and perhaps a little more comfortable. I pray for them every day and I'm happy to do such a small thing.

Thanks for spreading the word!

Thu 12/4/2003 12:37 PM
First let me start by saying God Bless you and your son.

A blogger from the Wesley Clark campaign blog posted the site and a small story about it yesterday. Please, this e-mail, is in no way related to General Clark, nor am I trying to make a political statement here.

I just wanted to send you an e-mail to first thank you for putting up your site so that we have an avenue to send care packages to our troops and to let you know that I am planning to send a package in the next few days.

Great Work!

May God bless and watch over your son and all of our troops serving to make our world saver.
Dale (Arizona)

Thu 12/4/2003 12:11 PM
Hi Marty,

At we are including the Any website on our listing of ways Race Fans can reach out and help our troops during this holiday season. I have a few questions for you about the project and how well things are going.

Please get back to me via email...or you can call me.

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide on this great idea!!

Thu 12/4/2003 9:36 AM

I first want to commend you for what you are doing, and how you are bring about support for our troops overseas. This is a wonderful thing you are doing, and I would like to become a part of it.

Several months ago, at the company I was then working for, I collected names of soldiers deployed who worked for us. On “Bring Your Child to Work” day, we set up stations and had all the children write letters to them, and then decorate and fill boxes full of items they might need. This was a big hit with the children and with the soldiers who received the care packages.

It is now many months later, I am no longer with that company, but I would still like to show my support and confidence in the soldiers who sacrifice for my freedom and the freedom of those around the world. The Any Soldier Campaign may not be as important as what they are doing over there, but I think it is a wonderful way to let them know that we are still behind them.

If you can, please send me some suggestions as to what I should put in the care package to send to “Any Soldier”. I look forward to hearing from you.


(Note from Marty...I know the web page is HUGE, but everything I can think of is on it. I'm not hiding any information here, I want you to have it so your support gets were it should be, so take a long look at the web page and see if I missed anything...)

Wed 12/3/2003 3:59 PM
Hi. I just wanted to let you know that there are quite a few packages on the way to Brian from Hugs From The Heartland's Operation Holiday Hugs! Just wanted to let you know that they are on their way!


Wed 12/3/2003 2:34 PM
hooah to you
I am a mother of a soldier in Balad. I have been sending packages every 2-3 weeks to Iraq to relatives of people I work with. I started out with 17 and now am down to 4 from work but have adopted several others on my own through internet sites and word of mouth.. I am just thrilled to see what you have done. Your son must be so proud of you. I am thrilled. I did think of something you can add to your list. In Balad there is a huge mouse problem. I have been sending mouse traps. The mice are eating any food we send. i did get a few new ideas from your list thank you for all you are doing tomake our military happy. karen

(Note from Marty...Mouse traps? Great idea! But I think Brian and the rest of the 173rd is too busy killing rats...)

Wed 12/3/2003 10:41 AM
Hi Marty,
I would just like to say to you and your son thank you for putting this together. I have been looking for ways to help. I don't know anyone over there (Thank God.). But I have been desperate to help. I have sent things through different organizations but was not sure how the things were being distributed. I like to know that the ones who need it will get it. And since there are people there on the ground to split it up and hand it out, I feel sure it will benefit the ones who need it. I saw the photos of the guys on the ground trying to get some sleep and the one with the guy sleeping in the palace; that is a same. But hopefully your son's unit will see some improvement. I hope to get some stuff sent out very soon. Again THANK YOU!!!

Wed 12/3/2003 10:36 AM
Dear Mr. Horn:

I am a producer for ARD, German TV, here in the Washington Bureau. We are trying to put together a story (by Friday) on care packages being sent overseas to U.S. troops. The U.S. Postal Service has a deadline of Thursday, 4 December.

Would you be interested in doing an on-camera interview with us tomorrow? Do you collect items somewhere before sending them? Would it be possible to take video of packages being prepared? How does this all work? Are you sending anything out to your son in the next two days?

Please call me.

Thank you for your help and good luck with the great work you're doing!

ARD, German TV

Wed 12/3/2003 10:16 AM
You are a hero among dads!! I heard you speaking on 94.5 KLQ with the Ron and Don show, and you brought tears to my eyes! Brian must be so proud of you!

I will be sending cards, letters, and packages to our troops so they can hopefully have a wonderful holiday season! I also plan on continuing after the holidays.

Please give my best to your family, and have a wonderful holiday season!


Wed 12/3/2003 9:10 AM
Dear Mr. Horn:

We here at Kiplinger are grateful to you and your son for the services you're providing to our troops. So much so, we're looking into the possibility of doing a short story in an upcoming issue. However, I need to get in touch with you to ask a few questions and pass on some information to my editor. Could you please provide a phone number where I can get in touch with you, as well as a time that is convenient?

Glen Mayers
Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Wed 12/3/2003 4:32 AM
I just wanted to say thank you for all the help. I try every Christmas to do something for someone who needs it. I have three small kids. Two that can kind of understand and I want them to learn to give back .

Thank you for your help,

Tue 12/2/2003 2:21 PM
Hi, Marty, my name is Janine. A friend of mine sent me an email about this web site. This is a great idea.

If we were to make up some packages will the packages be opened and the items distributed or do they prefer that we make small care packages and then put them in a larger box to be distributed?

Isn't Kirkuk the area that has been on TV the last few days? I hope your son is OK.

Please let me know how best to send these packages. I know that my church group would probably be interested. For now I will get some cards ready to send for the holidays. Thank you for letting us take part in this project. Take care and God Bless you.

Mon 12/1/2003 9:41 PM

Sat 11/29/2003 11:38 PM
Wow...just viewed your website & couldn't go off line without emailing you....
You & your Son deserve a "medal of honor"...God Bless You Both !
What comes to my mind is, "like Father, like Son".....(a very high compliment)

My question to you is, I plan on writing some letters & sending them to Brian's address for "any soldier" in time for Xmas.....If in these letters that I wrote & I put in a few American dollars in them......would that be ok ? Your input would be appreciated.

After viewing the pic's on your site, I don't see where the soldiers could treat themselves to something by spending I apologize if this sounds like an inappropriate question.

Wishing You & Your Family A Very Blessed Christmas.... Brian & "his soldiers" will be in my thoughts & prayers...for their safety & that all our troops can come home soon.....

Take Care.

(Note from Marty...Sending cash is very risky...single dollar bills are used for local purchases though.)

Sat 11/29/2003 7:39 PM
Hello Marty,

Thank you for putting together the website. It was a wonderful thing to stumble upon! My husband & I are putting together a few care packages to send out to our troops and hope they will arrive in time for Christmas.

I have a question tho, about one item on the list of suggested items. Eye drops... I’m not familiar enough with them to know which ones are the “cleaning kind.” I read quite a few packages and they all say soothing, moisturizing and the like, but none that say cleaning, other than those specifically meant for contact lenses. Can you suggest a particular brand that would be adequate?

Thanks again for putting together this site... I am sure our soldiers are thankful to be remembered when they are so far from home.


(Note from Marty...My wife says Brian likes "VasoconA". Is it the best? I dunno....)

Sat 11/29/2003 5:31 PM



Fri 11/28/2003 12:04 PM
I just visited the anysoldier website and was very impressed. Our soldiers need to get all the support we can provide. Our family is currently in a bad financial situation and can not afford to send a package at this time but would like to send letters. Since we can not afford to give our children a Christmas this year, I thought letters to the soldiers would be a good way to teach the kids what the holiday should really be about. Should the letters be addressed the same as the packages? Thank you for providing a way for the rest of us to show support.

Gina (WA)

Fri 11/28/2003 7:37 AM
This is wonderful that you and your son have gotten this web site going! I happened to find the link on Ch 4 web site. Is it on other sites also? You need to get the word out! Nationwide! How about the Independent and Wash Post? I've emailed UPS to ask them to consider discount shipping-I suggested 1/2 price but wouldn't it be cool if they did it free? Such a huge company with so much $$$. Maybe WalMart would donate those boxes you mentioned.Good luck to all of you! I'll get a pkg off for sure.
Sally (Waldorf, MD)

Thu 11/27/2003 11:53 PM
Dear Mr. Horn,

I just wanted to say that I think what both you and your son are doing is wonderful. You're really doing a fantastic job of making sure that all of the brave soldiers fighting for our freedom receive a little taste of home. It makes my heart swell with pride to be an American when I see sites such as yours trying to make the ladies and gentleman of the military's lives just a little bit easier.

I myself have been supporting the troops overseas with letter, emails, and care packages since March of this year, and it's been a rewarding experience, as well as, an educational one.

I came across your site from a member's post from the website If you're not aware of this site as of yet, you may want to check it out. Both civilians and members of the armed forces can request reading materials, and the people of the US will send them what they ask for. Your son can always get requests from his fellow soldiers and send them there, and we'll take care of them.

I had made some Christmas stockings with stuffers for a lot of the soldiers I correspond with, and had made quite a few too many stocking than I had soldiers. Thanks to you, I know where those extra goodies will be going.

Thank you for what you're doing, and for allowing me and the rest of the USA to help our guys get through this time.

May God Bless you and Brian, and you'll both remain in my prayers.

Tiffany (Philadelphia, PA)

Thu 11/27/2003 10:28 AM
Dear Sir,

I am truly blessed to be an American and now have an 18yr old Son who joined the Navy, he has just finished his boot camp and is doing his schooling. He will be working on a Nuclear submarine, so for the most part of his time, he will be safe, I pray to God daily for all the soldiers male and female out there all around the world.
Last year our group from work mailed boxes to soldiers but we never got a reply if they were received or not. I am going to ask that we do it again this year!
People don't mind sending them, they get a sense that they are helping when they do it. They would just like to know that what we sent got to Our Soldiers.
Is there anyway for us to know that when we send our packages again, that they get them. I have visited your Website and cried, knowing our Government is not treating our Soldiers correctly. Know that we love them and are praying daily for them. How long does it take for the packages to reach them and when should we mail them and also how much do we need to send so we can give to all who need them, we don't want anyone left out.
Can we put our addresses and names in the packages, We would like to be a pen pal to those who don't have anyone or to anyone who would like for us to write to them.
I will awaite your reply, Giving God my thanks this Thanksgiving Day for all our Troops who are serving to protect and keep us Safe and Free. God Love and keep them all.

A Military Mom

Thu 11/27/2003 9:03 AM
I just wanted to say - absolutely FABULOUS idea! My nephew, a staff sergeant in the Marines, thankfully came home in September. I was kind of having withdrawal from sending packages. Now I have a new excuse! I thank you and your son for a great concept - I hope it will continue to catch on!

Thu 11/27/2003 12:37 AM
I was forwarded a copy of the e-mail sent to you by Darren Moody regarding my mother's appearance on the John Hancock show. I have seen the letter that you uploaded on you site for me. Thank you very much. I was surprised when I went to your website. SGT Brian Horn is from my unit. Also, I have personally seen many of the packages he has received. Many of the younger soldiers working for me have benefitted from your website.
I wanted to pass on some more information that may assist with placing my project on your website. Attached is some more background information and some photos that show some of the work we are doing here.
Thanks again for you help and all that you do to support our troops.
CPT Robert Heath

Wed 11/26/2003 6:04 PM
Thank you so much for everything you are doing! I found your website through the hero miles website and was in tears after reading about the incredible acts of kindness.

I often find myself upset and frustrated over the lack of support for our fighting men and women! They deserve the best and we tend to just go on with our busy lives and push those thoughts away. I however, think and pray for them everyday! I just wanted to let you know there are many who believe in our military and support their efforts and dedication 100%.

I was inspired by the NY teacher story (on your website) and I am going to see if I can do something similar at my child's school and of course make a few care packages of our own.

Thank you for everything you and your son do! You truly are amazing!

Darcey (Maryland)

Tue 11/25/2003 11:03 PM
Hi Marty,
Our Bible Study Group has sent one or two packages per week for the past 6 weeks. This group has been meeting at lunch time on Tuesdays for "Bag Lunch Bible Study" for more than 13 years. We collect a few dollars per week from each member--amount their choice--toward postage and each of us donates items to send as well.(There are 6 of us.) We feel like somehow the soldiers in the 173rd Airborne are ours. Thanks for offering us the opportunity to be of some help. It is an ongoing outreach for us. One of our members has a 9 year old son who has spent some of his own money to buy candy to send in our packages. Please pass on our thanks to Brian and all the others who are taking a stand for freedom in the name of our Country. We really are thankful for all their efforts and pray for their courage and safety.
Nancy and Don

Tue 11/25/2003 4:05 PM
Hi: Just wanted you to know, I mailed 6 boxes yesterday. I hope your son gets them before Christmas.
We enjoyed doing this and again wanted to thank you and your son for organizing it.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Tue 11/25/2003 9:57 AM
Hi Marty,

It has just occurred to me that I know people that work in the Senate building under Senators. Sometimes I love DC. I am forwarding your email to them in hopes that we can get some "federal" assistance. It is amazing, how huge the response is to our men and women overseas. I will let you know how far I get and if I get any names or contacts to take this further.


Mon 11/24/2003 8:35 PM
Dear Marty,

I was on the USO website getting employment info and was connected to your son's website. What a fabulous idea. I am putting together a package to send to Iraq using the list provided on the website. I just wanted to say thank you in advance for the opportunity to help one of our own. If it wasn't for the folks fighting in Iraq, I, as a woman, would not have the freedom to be educated and own my own business. I am very greatful. Take care and have a Happy Thanksgiving.


Mon 11/24/2003 8:04 PM
Hi, Marty. I have a problem with using your son's address in Iraq.

Went to a mailing spot to send off my boxes and they told me that the APO AE 09347 has to be INCORRECT. I showed them the printout copy from www.AnySoldier.US (dated 11/12/2003) Has the site made some correction recently?

Thank You, Shirley (California)

(Note from Marty...OK, now we know that California has an idiot in the post office.)

Mon 11/24/2003 10:30 AM
Just wanted to wish you and your family a very happy holiday Mr. Horn. Hope that Brain is doing well - safe and staying strong. My thoughts are with all of them.

Take care,

Mon 11/24/2003 9:55 AM
Hi, Marty!

Just wanted to let you know we got another letter from our soldier, Megan. I was so excited...I was really worried about her. But, she is doing fine, and she appreciated our second package to her. I asked her what she wanted or liked so I could send her things more tailored to her tastes, but she won't make any requests ;) I think she doesn't want to seem picky...she's so sweet!

Happy Thanksgiving and may you and your family be blessed during this holiday season!


Mon 11/24/2003 7:08 AM
I saw the AnySoldier website and your comments about problems with the postal service. I have an idea that might help. What if you have folks address the packages to the address:

Sgt. Brian Horn
Attn: N.E. Soldier
Scouts, HHC 1-508th ABCT
173rd Airborne Bde
APO AE 09347

It sounds line Any Soldier but might help get it past the USPS clerks who don't understand that SGT Horn is the real addressee.

Good Luck and Best Wishes to you and Brian.

(Note from Marty...This is a GREAT idea!!!)

Mon 11/24/2003 5:12 AM
we are 3 German girls who would like to send a Christmas package to the soldiers who are deployed to the Iraq. We think it must be very hard for them, especially on Christmas. On your web side we found an address, but we would like to know now if this address:
Sgt Brian Horn
Attn. Any Soldier
Scouts, HHC1-508th ABCT
173rd Airbone Bde
APO AE 09347
is also the same for packages from Germany?
Thanks in advance
Kathrin; Meli and Tina

(Note from Marty...Kathrin got back to me and said that yes, the address will work.)

Sat 11/22/2003 10:12 PM
Dear Marty,

My name is Heather. My husband is a mechanic for the 54th Quartermaster Company, Mortuary Affairs Unit of Fort Lee, VA. I recently went to the web site for Operation Hero Miles and say your link. I HAD to look at it. I'm sure you get tons of e-mails everyday telling you that what you're doing is nothing short of exceptional. And I'm not about to stop. I have all the admiration in the world for you and I think you have started something that will touch the lives of more than just the soldiers in the Middle East.

I can't do much in the way of sending things overseas right now, but if there is anything that I might be able to do to help or whatever, please let me know. Or, just let your son and his soldiers know that we are praying for him. I can honestly understand how worried you must be for him. My husband was there for just 6 months, but it was still pretty scary. Please let him know that what they are doing DOES matter and that they all will be home saftely, soon.

Thank you so much for doing what you do. May God Bless You!!!!


Sat 11/22/2003 8:32 PM
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. It's very difficult sending packages to our troops when you don't have someone in the service. I did donate through a couple of organizations the past year but problems arose with them and the names were no longer available for support. I took a chance to look again and am so happy I did. It is a special priviledge to honor and support our troops. My children are very excited and are now counting their allowance money to put together a package of their own. Thank you again for making it all possible.

The Nalleys (Texas)

Sat 11/22/2003 5:13 PM
Dear Sir,

What an amazing project you and your son have started! It breaks my heart to see the conditions our brave soldiers have to live in. I recently 'adopted' a soldier from Operation AC. It seems like only yesterday when we worried about the desert heat; now our guys are faced with the desert in winter.

I would like to order a bunch of those Space emergency blankets to send to SGT Horn, and also to my Operation AC soldier. These blankets are a great price! But I'm worried about the silver color. Are they safe for the men to have? Or will the silver reflective material make them easier to spot? I will await your advice. Meanwhile, I'll spread the word about your website. I'm also encouraging family and co-workers to send donations in lieu of Christmas gifts this year. The dramatic photograghs on your website are an excellent reminder that there are many who need our support this winter, more than any of us back home need a new sweater or gadget!


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