Medical Supplies Help:

Mr. Don Thompson, owner of McArthur Medical in Charlotte, North Carolina, is very busy getting medical supplies for Major Meyer, Medical Officer of the 1-14th Infantry, 25th Infantry Division now in the Kirkuk area of Iraq. Major Meyer and his unit replaced the now famous Captain 'Doc' Heath of the 173rd Airborne Brigade. The equipment is for the 13 clinics and one hospital that Major Meyer has operational control over.

Your help is critical. Donations of medical supplies and money are needed to make this work.

Our Thanks To:

  • Through the very special efforts of Mr. Gary Olson of Sunrise Medical, himself a Vietnam vet, we have 27 adult wheelchairs for Major Meyer of the 1-14th Infantry, 25th Infantry Division.

  • Thanks to the tremendous efforts of Mr. Eric Haertle of Triad, over 350 cases of Antiseptic Hand Gel in both gallons and 4oz bottles, and 50 cases of alcohol preps are in Charlotte today for Major Meyer, Captain Payne, and the medical mission of the 1-14th Infantry, 25th Infantry Division.

  • A big thanks to Joe Lynch has given us warehouse space and facilities for delivery and storing the items until shipment to Iraq of all goods donated for the 1-14th. Without his help, this project would not be happening.

  • This company donated 15 scales, value $1350 each, that have a capacity of 1000lb and weigh in both kilo and pounds, and come with battery packs as well. Mr. Dave Lowe, National Sales Manager, is a vet.

      SR Scales
      600 Young Street
      Tonawanda, New York 14150

There are other donations rolling in. Want to get your company involved in this? Contact us!

Heartfelt thanks to all who are donating and supporting our troops!

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