Want to donate to the desired airmen in the safest way? Our service is there for you! You can choose the right package!


Donation has its own way to say, “I care for you just as you care for us!”


Most of us think of donating to the poor and needy. However, when it comes to helping the needy, it is not only the poor ones but also those who work for us, for our safety.

One such person is the airman, the soldier fighting in the air. So, donating for them or to them is perhaps one of the most socially appreciable as well as admirable tasks.

We accept donations of any amount or currency and ensure that it reaches to the airman who you had chosen.

In case you have not chosen any airman or its crew, we forward it to the neediest airmen who hardly get any help or support, not even from their families.

While we give your donations to them, we also personally arrange for some more daily essentials that they need urgently such as medicines, clothes, and other stuff so that they need not wait even for one more second.

At times, we even buy these essentials using your donations, provided you give the consent for the same.